Google Nexus 7 Tablets

After a very long wait, I was finally able to get the Google Nexus 7 tablets all setup for the small group of teachers and students.  Although they did not have very much time to use the tablets with students, the teachers were able to see how much a tablet can transform their classrooms.  Students were able to pick up the tablets and seamlessly access the apps that were pre-loaded.  In the K-2 building, students were logging into Brain Pop Jr. to watch informational videos, reading Madagascar or having it read to them, and playing patterning games.  There was no lag time and no problems with student access.  The students were sharing ideas and milestones from each app.  In the 3-6 building, the students were using Skitch to edit pictures and really transform their learning.  I am eager to see how this pilot will expand in the future and the great things that the students will create.
Tablet1 Tablet2

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