1. Professional Learning Community Action Research Glog
  2. Collaborative School Inquiry Project Planning Document:  Teacher introduction to Google Nexus 7 Tablets
  3. Student AUP video creation
  4. Website development and content creation: Avon Grove School District
  5. PowerSchool administrator: scheduling setup and student input
  6. Assessment of educational tools: Whale Website Rubric Evaluation (2008)
  7. Implementation of information systems: Network Design (2008)
  8. Evaluation of performance of software components of computer systems: Web 2.0 Pros and Cons Evaluation (2008)
  9. Application of basic troubleshooting strategies: “How To Add a Printer” Handout
  10. Evaluation of existing and emerging technologies: Web 2.0 Tools Research Paper (2009)
  11. Use of Internet Resources for communications and instructional support:Professional Development Technology Plan
  12. Establishing and maintaining rapport with staff and students: 75 Hour Log
  13. Communicating high learning expectations: Leadership Paper (2008)
  14. Creating a safe physical environment conducive to learning: Student website creation evaluation
  15. Establish a technology implementation plan: Wiki training session/ handout. Teachers from other districts have collaborated with me to enhance their own wikis and share ideas about how to incorporate wikis into the classroom.
  16. Developing plans to assess technological needs: Avon Grove School District Technology Plan (as created by Monica (Daniels) Mapes and Alana Golazeski for a Graduate Class at Chestnut Hill College)
  17. Development of plan to configure technology: Video Editing Station (2007)
  18. Ethical behaviors: Thesis consent form
  19. Whale Mini Unit with Technology Integration: Whale Unit