About Me

My goal is to bring a better understanding of technology to the educational process through student, teacher, and administrator application and integration. Technology is an integral part of our world and through its use, those involved will be better prepared to handle future endeavors. Many aspects of technology have been proven to aid in the retention and learning of new concepts. By using technology, schools are giving their students the best possible education to prepare them to enter the world as reliable and competent citizens. Since technology is ever changing, it is important to stay abreast of what is and is not working for individual schools. As a technology specialist, it is my job to research, acquire, and implement technological assets that will best fit the needs of the district I am in.

I earned my masters degree in Instructional Technology at Chestnut Hill College in 2009 where I also received my certificate as an Instructional Technology Specialist. I have a strong passion for technology and I have created many resources that are beneficial to educators. In 2009 I was also selected as my school district’s Keystone Technology Integrator.