The Fifty States and Their Capitals

Activity One:

Click below to see how many capitals you already know

Record each capital that you answered incorrectly

Do you Really know your state capitals?

Activity Two:

For each wrong capital, find one fact that is interesting about that state and its' capital.

Pick one specific state that intrigued you and research why the capital city became the capital.

Here are a few links to get you started

(Please explore other websites and books for information)

States and Their Capitals

Enchanted Learning States and Capitals

Explore the States

Information on the Fifty States

Activity Three:

Click here to print out the outline of your state

Inside the outline of the state, create a summary of your findings

using your own choice of writing style; letter, poem, etc.

Activity Four:

Click below to play fun games and test your new knowledge on the

Fifty States and Their Capitals


Activity Five:

Work on testing your knowledge by printing out these worksheets, completeing them, and handing them in.

Matching States and Their Capitals

Crossword 1

Crossword 2

Crossword 3

Crossword 4

Crossword 5

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