Explore Your Senses!!

by Monica Daniels and Lauren Ginsiorsky


Click the picture to play some games before we get started!  This will get you thinking about your different senses!


Part 1

Listen carefully as your teacher reads the book The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses.  As you listen, write down the five senses you learn about. 

Part 2

Once you have written down the senses, click on the ear to print out a kwl chart on the senses!  Fill out the chart with what you know and want to know.  You will fill out what you learned later in the lesson.

Part 3

Split up into groups of five.  You will be assigned a sense to investigate and write a short poem on.  The poem should be six lines and only include your sense.  Before you start writing the poem.  Click the eye to research your sense.  Be sure to only click on your sense.  Click here for a fun word search, scroll down to the bottom and pick your sense for the word search!  This will help you think about important words that are connected to your sense.


Part 4

As you research your sense, print and fill out the graphic organizer with the important information you found that could be used in your poem. 

Part 5

Write a six line poem using the most important information you found.  Use a lot of description and make it entertaining.  You can even make it a riddle where others have to guess which sense you researched!

Part 6

Share your poems with your peers.  Pay close attention to each sense.  Afterwards, fill out the last section for each sense of the KWL form you printed out. 





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